Java Problems?

For Java games, please do NOT use Google Chrome browser or Windows 10 Edge browser - these browsers cannot display Java games at this time.
To use Java games on Windows, please use Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer is still present in all Windows versions, even Windows 10. To open Internet Explorer on Windows 10, first use their default web browser 'Edge' and after going to, select Edge's menu (three dots) followed by "Open with Internet Explorer".

To quickly diagnose if Java is working correctly, check if you see your Java version is listed HERE.

If Java version does not appear (if you only see horizontal lines), your Java is not working correctly. Please install Java from

After Java is installed, upon 1st entry to Java game rooms, you'd be asked to install GameColony Java 8 add-on. Please ignore any warnings during add-on installation and restart your browser after the installation.

GameColony Java add-on for Windows

GameColony Java add-on for Mac

  • You can also verify your Java and view helpful Java suggestions at
  • Make sure to refresh the cache of your browser and 'Java' cache

      On Windows, to refresh the cache of your Internet Explorer:
    • From your Desktop, right click on the My Computer icon, and select "Explore".
    • Open the "Windows" folder under your hard drive (should be the "c:" drive).
    • Open the "Temporary Internet Folder". On your menu bar click "Edit", then "Select All". Then click "File", and "Delete".

      On Windows, to refresh your Java cache:
    • Go to Control Panel. (Click on the Window's Start button, select Settings/Control Panel)
    • See if you have Java Plug-In icon in your Control Panel -- it is a picture of a coffee cup.
    • If you do, please double click on the Java Plug-In icon
    • In the resulting window, on the 'General' tab, select Settings->Delete Files. Here select ALL checkboxes and OK
    • Click Clear button

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