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GameColony uses pure industry-standard Java, offering the highest level of Internet Security. offers ONLY Games of Skill and never has a stake in the outcome of any game on the Site. According to legal definitions in United States and absolute majority of other jurisdictions, this does not constitute 'gambling'. With Games of Skill - there are never any odds of the 'outcome' of the game. Players who are more skilled in a particular game tend to win more of their games, especially in the long run.

At this site it's never YOU vs. THE HOUSE. We are here only to facilitate skill-based, peer-to-peer games with the highest level of integrity in a structured tournament environment. We employ a number of proprietary methods that significantly enhance the overall skill component of our classic parlor games and provide a highest level of security available on the Internet.


Dear Players,

As anyone who has played very long can attest to, just about any land-based or online game can be 'streaky'.  At some point in time, all players will run into a strange losing streak or a particularly strange run of cards or dice.  When that happens, it is quite understandable for the player to question the integrity of the game.

There are 3 areas that are of most concern to all players: (1) the possibility that the house is cheating; (2) the possibility of the dice or cards being non-random; and (3) the possibility that a player has hacked into the system and is able to influence the cards or dice-rolls.

...In this respect, we should note that unlike games involving 3 or more players, there is no possibility of collusion going on amongst the players...

We will try to address each area of concern separately:

1. House Integrity 
It is a difficult problem convincing the players that we are, in fact, honest operators, simply because there is no real way to prove it.
A little deductive reasoning, however, should lead any player to the conclusion that we would be crazy to not run an honest game, merely for the reason that running an honest game is the very best strategy for making the maximum amount of money. While we are, at present, relatively small, our potential to grow is huge....therefore -- Cheating, while it might temporarily increase revenue, would clearly discourage growth, which is where the real profits, based on solely on gaming commissions, exist. 
2. Randomness of Cards/Dice
This is a very legitimate concern, since it is no trivial matter to produce true randomness with a computer. Standard software random number generation routines are completely inadequate, as we discovered (there were clear patterns). After extensive research, we have created and implemented a proprietary patent-pending algorithm (involving the combination of hardware and software) that ensures  sufficiently random card and dice generation. Subsequent testing, involving tens of thousands card shuffles and dice-rolls, proved that this randomization technique was completely to our satisfaction. Utilization of this randomizer algorithm virtually guarantees that there is never any bias towards any player and/or at any table at this site.

3. Hacker Influence
We use the most current, state-of-the-art security system identical to secure online banking systems in order to ensure that no one is able to hack into our systems and influence card/dice distribution, access accounts, etc.  All card/dice generation takes place on our military-grade, highly secure Sun Microsystems Enterprise Servers with full firewall protection and 256-bit encryption security; the results are then distributed to the players' computers.
We use the same exact encryption technology as do the best of online banks - hacking into them is far more lucrative and just as difficult.  Obviously, we also have monitoring software installed on our server, which would alert us were someone is attempting to break into our system.

In addition to running an Honest Game - we take Pride in our responsive and caring Customer Service. 
Please let us know if you have any questions on this or other topics.  Contact Us

Chess & Checkers

Since this site gives no direct access to computer programs, for potential computer-assistance one would have to utilize a 3-rd party, external computer program and would be forced to spend precious time in addition to playing the moves on online board, to accurately replay the two sets of moves on the 2-nd computer & wait for that computer's response. All these activities take precious gaming time, which precludes such players from successfully playing fast games (e.g., 4/0 min games or shorter games).

Such computer assistance is disallowed for Tournaments & Mini-tourneys.

Some of the 'behavioral patterns' this site watches for:

For Tournaments with entry-fees and Mini-Tourneys, we highly recommend:

NO 'Time-Seal'

As opposed to some other gaming servers, this site DOES NOT implement a simplistic Time-Seal because Time-Seal makes it extremely easy for any computer-savvy cheater to manipulate and beat the system. Advice: get a DSL or cable Internet connection -- those are fast and reliable.

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