They Play ... We Pay!!! -- Revenue Sharing Program

How to Make Money by Recommending Other Players

  • If you refer friends who start playing for $Tickets, you will receive credits from each of your referrals' Ticket games!

  • Convert these credits into cash!

  • Join our Top Referrers and receive considerable monthly cash payments!

  • How to Refer Players?

    Example: If your player name at is Mike23 - have your friends put Mike23 at signup as their referral or post your personal referral link in social media or email:

    When your friends use the above referral link, you will get credited for recommending those who started playing at via your link. You can put the referral link (with whatever other testimonials) either in email to people you know or use it with some promotional text in Facebook, Twitter or blogs or discussion forums or message boards or some other high traffic places on the Internet (also see here). Or you can put it on your web site if you have one.

    At some point, some of the recommended players who took your link and started playing at GameColony will get comfortable enough to play for money. From your Manage Account area at, you will see a bunch of reports on players you recommended (not their private information, though!) and who and when they played and for how much and who won and what commission was and what your 20% share of it was. Your account statement will start showing a real-time recurring stream of the recommender fees -- commissions that you will receive!

    Among its affiliates has many of those that receive very sizeable recurring commissions that they keep cashing out every month!

    The program described below is for webmasters of other web sites. See how to earn commissions by recommending your users (see details). offers cash games and tournaments in popular classics: Gin Rummy, Backgammon, Dominoes, Cribbage, Pyramids, Solitaire, Mahjong, etc. -- 20 online games in all.
    Players compete against others in tournament games of skill and have the chance to win cash.
    • Revenue Sharing Partners can host their own online games area, or simply promote with buttons, banners or text links.
    • Either way, revenue sharing partners receive 20% referral commission based on the House Rake.  
    • The money is Automatically deposited in your account and is available for cash-out via PayPal. Minimum pay-out: $25 USD.

  • Earn income via simple Banners/Links
  • Earn income as Co-Branded Site

  • Banners/Links

    Place the banner on your site and we will reward you for all sign-ups you generate.
    For each player that signs up and plays at, you will get 20% of our House Rake.

    Banner #1

    Banner #2

    Banner #3

    Banner #4

        Banner #5    Banner #6    Banner #7    Banner #8

    To assure that you receive real-time commissions viewable via Manage Account, please use the link below with either of the above banners. When you copy/paste the code below into your page, please make sure to replace ##USER_NAME## with your User Name at!    

    • if you are not yet a user, become a New User here
    • You will also have to register your email via Manage Account BEFORE participating in Revenue Sharing Program.

    The example below uses Banner #1, but other banners can be selected by changing aff_banner1.gif to aff_banner2.gif, etc.
    <A HREF=>
    <IMG SRC=  border=0> </A>

    Co-Branded Game Site
    Become a partner today at NO COST to you, and with NO RISK. will host the games, provide technical support, accounting, customer service -- and 20% of the net profits contributed by your users will go directly to YOU.

    Here's an example of a co-branded game site:

    If you are a registered user with verified email:   START NOW

    Our partner program tools make implementation easy and provide real-time tracking of your results and earnings. That's why we already have partners who integrated cash tournaments directly onto their sites.
    To see how it could work for you, take a look an example:   Partner Example
    If you are a registered user with verified email:   Become a GameColony Partner!
    For more information, please review:

    or Contact Us

    Affiliate Program

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