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Object of the Game

  • The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by collapsing the groups of 2 or more adjacent sea-creatures.

Playing the Game

  • With the left mouse button, a player can collapse a group of 2 or more sea creatures of the same color.
  • With the right mouse button, a player can collapse a group of 2 or more sea creatures of the same shape.

The Bomb
The bomb shown on the right will appear half-way through the game on top of the sea-creatures. Clicking the bomb makes it possible to reshuffle the remaining groups of sea creatures, grouping them together. The bomb can be used as many times as needed, however, every time it's used, the points will get subtracted as penalty.
In the small example on the right, clicking with the left mouse button on the lower left yellow turtle, would collapse all of the ye llow creatures on the left (because all of these 4 sea creatures are of the same color). Clicking with the right mouse button on th e lower right yellow star-fish, would collapse the yellow and the blue star-fish (because these 2 sea creatures are of the same shap e).
The game ends when:
  • there is no more time left on the clock as determined by the server
  • there are no legal moves to make
  • the player selects 'Finish, possibly earning extra points for early game termination
Strategy Tips

  • Try to form longer groups of sea creatures to score more points
  • To minimize the effect of periodic storms, don't delay scoring points indefinitely. As the number of storms is fixed (3), one has to make a decision whether to risk grouping the pieces when the storm is more likely or whether to cash in the existing groups for points
  • Given a choice, try not to separate the group of similar sea creatures
  • Try to use the bomb as infrequently as possible to avoid the score penalties


For the deletion of 2 critters 1 pt
For the deletion of 3 critters 3 pts
For the deletion of 4 critters 6 pts
For the deletion of 5 critters 10 pts
For the deletion of 6 critters 15 pts
... ...
For the deletion of X critters (X * (X - 1))/2 pts

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