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Game options
Posted by NC310 16 Oct 2018 5:31pm

New to Gin here. What do the letters in the "Points" column mean? L, LO, L Gin, etc. Thanks.

Gin Table options
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 20 Oct 2018 12:43pm

Gin Rummy Rules are HERE

Some short-hand game options:
L - 'Loser deals' (which means that the winner of the previous hand will move 1st in the next hand)

Gin - Gin-only variation - every winning hand should have pure gin, otherwise it will be a draw

Okl - Oklahoma variation - see rules

100/10 200/10 , etc. - regular gin rummy with 100 points, 200 points where knocking is allowed with 10 points in deadwood or less - see gin rummy rules above

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Play gin-rummy tournaments online

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