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Mahjong is the world's most popular tile-based game of skill, strategy and calculation that originated in China.
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Mahjong is similar to card games like Gin Rummy where players collect sets (sets of tiles rather than sets of cards) in the same suit or value. To declare mahjong, you need four sets of three tiles and one pair. See Mahjong Variations.
If you choose to play with our mahjong bots for practice or fun, please see Mahjong Bots Algorithm.
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     Red Mahjong
     (2-4 players)
    Mahjong is a Chinese game of skill, strategy and calculation. It is similar to gin rummy: the goal in mahjong is to build sets of melds (combinations) and achieve the highest point values. Each mahjong player picks and discards tiles until a full set of combinations is build.

    Red Mahjong is one of supported mahjong variations that can be played by 2 - 4 players.
    Red Mahjong is a rich game of strategy that you can learn and start playing in 5 minutes!
    In Red Mahjong, there's much skill & subtlety needed to outscore opponents - ranging from hedging your bets with a discard to preventing the opponent from going out with a big hand.
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