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Posted by Joker (TD) 21 Jun 2009 7:08am

Is Fathers Day Too
Posted by Joker (TD) 14 Jun 2008 8:59pm

There comes a time,
For Joker to take pen into hand
Its Fathers Day, Lets celebrate,
For a Father is not just a man.

As a child we looked up to him,
so strong and tall
but being so young and
we were - so small.

As a teen we looked at him so strict and so mean
But being so into ourselves,
He was so evil it seemed.

As a young adult as we sat eye to eye
He gave his advice, so freely to me
It wasn't asked for,
Nor what I thought I would ever need.

As a Father, I can look back and see,
What my Father has really meant to me
He was a leader, a fighter, a preacher,
a teacher to me
And the reason he did it was his Love for me.

My only regrets with my Father is that I can't hug and kiss him once more.
So go hug your child.
JOKER o(^*^)o
PS With 2 of my grand children living with me now
Apat on the head,
and never a frown,
Just want them to know.
There PAPAW is around.

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