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Posted by MAB (moderator) 4 Dec 2010 4:16pm

The other day I paid $9. postage to mail a $10 gift. That makes no sense to me so that’s when I got one of those “bright ideas”!

Did you know we can now gift cashable GameColony tickets to folks who have not even registered or tried GC yet?

There is NO fee for gifting tickets to other GC players whether free or ticket players and none for gifting to non-players.

So for this $19.00 investment I have made in the gift I mailed, my friend got a $10.00 gift. Had I thought of GC tickets earlier, they could have had 19 GC tickets and a potential of cashing them out or turning that into many many more

Thought I’d pass that along in case some others might be interested in a really different kind of gift, the potential of cashing out a lot more than the original gift (as well as enjoying playing on GC and the comradery!).

Just a Holiday thought for all!

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Play checkers tournaments online

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