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Getting kicked off of table
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Getting kicked off of table
Posted by reneevillani (VIP) 11 Feb 2024 3:44pm

Why do people open a table and invite everybody and then kick somebody off when they accept?

Posted by gjamies1 13 Feb 2024 10:59am

your ratings are too low for them to consider playing you, and despite several posts on the subject, where ratings are considered, we still have this absurd system. It would be much better if instead of ratings, a win percentage would be better, but I guess that would involve a lot of tweaking to the software program and may be too expensive. Apparently the ratings are worked on a chess tourney system, not really suitable for cribbage. On the same subject, Microsoft ran a cribbage game and had very much the same problem where highly rated players would not play the lower rated players and look what happened to that site.

I'm sure someone will say if you plays for tx ($) ratings don't matter so much.

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