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Fair, foul or fowl (chicken-lol)?
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Fair, foul or fowl (chicken-lol)?
Posted by rhodesrobi (VIP) 18 Mar 2024 6:30pm

Hi. In a game a while back, after I received my cards, 4556??, and having first crib, I was of course going to discard ??. But before I could, my opponent left the table. He then returned immediately, and the computer gave him first crib starting a new game. He had enough time to see his cards, didn't like what he saw, and bailed. Fair or foul?

Playing for Tix?
Posted by 221bBakerSt (VIP) 10 Apr 2024 7:20pm

Were you playing for Tix? If not does it really matter? If so, I would not be playing that person again and refuse to hit start.

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