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Leaving tournement rooms
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Leaving tournement rooms
Posted by mtgal1971 (VIP) 15 May 2024 12:33pm

Its really disrespectful to leave a the room when your suppose to play SjFranda. You do this all the time. It delays everyone's game. So my advise is for you to stop.

More on that
Posted by MAB (moderator) 17 May 2024 2:44pm

Several people are going in and out of the room. These people are on phones. When they switch to look at the sign up list or the bracket, they are taken out of the room. TD Bones told me that didn't need to happen. If you scroll on your phone screen you can see the other page. We have been working with players to be sure they realize they can prevent leaving the tourney room.

Posted by mtgal1971 (VIP) 19 May 2024 7:09pm

Thanks MAB for the information

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