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I'm Just Me - a little insight into Joker
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I'm Just Me - a little insight to Joker
Posted by Joker (moderator) 14 Nov 2019 8:28pm


I've been a player and host here for almost 20 years. Seen lots come and go. Here we are a family loosely but a real family.

Here I want to post about, with your help, your problems and fears, your laughter and tears. I will post about all kinds of issues both game related and not game related. Not only what is on my mind but on yours also. Will comment. not always but as the need arises and I extend the offer to each and everyone of you to do also. Come join me in this so we can share life together.

Last but must be said. Peg or PEGASUS, the prior moderator was my mentor. She took me through the loops with many struggles and helped me become the Tournament Director I am today. Peg I salute you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I remain. AND Always will be, the JOKER ♥

Posted by Papaw (VIP) 14 Nov 2019 9:01pm

Hey Joker, Iíve been considering doing this thru Skype or something, Iím in total agreement, family extends beyond cards or Gin.

When we make friends, we should be able to live and touch each in ones own way. I know there have been times when a prayer list would have sure helped, since we canít really be there under the confidentiality circumstances.

As Iíve said before, need me call me, 704-575-5595

Family indeed!
Posted by GoDiva (moderator) 15 Nov 2019 8:53am

I agree wholeheartedly Joker. I have been on the site for almost 12 years, and it is like home to me. I even met my husband playing cribbage here, leading to my emigration to the US from the UK. We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in December!

just me
Posted by TexasRose (VIP) 23 Mar 2021 12:08pm

Jan (Spider) was my mentor when I became a TD. I had been playing a lot of tourneys in crib, when Spider sent me a pm, she wrote "Rocky I need you" I was flattered because....well (blush). Then she told me she wanted me to be a TD for crib. I accepted and hosted (off and on, for some years. I don't play crib in any other website (although I have, but none = g/c)

Is this still a thing
Posted by ronnie6969 (VIP) 1 Apr 2022 7:54pm

Wondering where Joker is. See nothing has been posted since 2019. I like the concept and think it needs to be brought back.

Posted by MAB (moderator) 3 Apr 2022 3:15pm

Ronnie, unfortunately, Joker passed away after a long hard fought battle.

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